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Fenugreek Seeds Exporters in South Africa

Fenugreek Seeds
Fenugreek seed is the ripe fruit of an annual herb. This robust herb has light green leaves, is 30-60 cm tall and produces slender, beaked pods, 10-15 cm long, each pod contains 10-20 small hard yellowish brown seeds, which are smooth and oblong, about 3mm long, each grooved across one corner, giving them a hooked appearance. Fenugreek is a native of South Eastern Europe and West Asia, now cultivated in India, Argentina, Egypt and Mediterranean countries (Southern France, Morocco and Lebanon).

Specification for Fennugreek Seeds (HS CODE: 09109912)
Type:     Machine Cleaned / Machine cleaned Sortexed
Purity:     97% /98%/ 99%
Odour:     Celery and bitter
Colour:     Caramel to light yellow
Moisture:     5% to 7% max
Green Seeds:     2% max
Total ASH:     10% max
Acid insuluble ASH:     1.25% max
Flavour:     Aromatic sweet
Salmonella:     Absent/25 gms


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