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Fresh Capsicum for sale


Colour   :   Bright red & bright green with bright green calyx
Visual appearance      :     Smooth skin, intact calyx & seed pod
Sensory     :      Firm crisp juicy flesh, peppery sweet flavour, no foreign   odours or tastes
Shape      :     Squat to round with prominent sections
Size      :     60 to 110mm diameter
Maturity   :       Firm fruit
Major defects
Insects     :      No live insects / fruit fly lavee
Diseases      :     No fungal or bacterial rot: No virus mottling
Physiological disorder     :      No cuts holes, pest damage or brusing
Temperature injury   :       No bleached flattened areas (sunburn) or wilted areas   (dehydration frost injury)
Minor defects
Physical/pest damage      :     Minimal dark superficial rub marks
Skin marks     :      Minimal light superficial rub marks
Storage temp   :       Refrigerated after harvest at +5ᵒC
Shelf life     :      10 days
Biological      :     No E coli present
Chemicals     :      Compliant with legal requirements for chemical residues


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