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White Seedless Grape, Red Seedless Grape, Black Seedless Grape

Red Seedless Grape

Generally larger red grapes are best, with their striking red color and elegantly aromatic flavor, they offer the ultimate grape perfection. Add some to a spring mix salad with light vinaigrette and some feta cheese for wonderful dinner course or a hearty and healthy dish.

Commodity  Fresh Red Globe Grape
Sizes     20-22mm, 22-24mm,24-26mm


For Superior Variety specifications:
Variety: Superior “White Grapes-Seedless”
Color: White “Green”.
Sizes of Berries: 15-18 mm, 16-19 mm & 16-22mm


Plastic punnet or bag/ Carton:

5 Kg G.W Carton contains 9 plastic bags X 500 Gm.
3600 Carton / 20 Pallets – Each Pallet 180 Cartons

Punnet Carton:

5.5 kg G.W Carton contains 10 punnets X 500 Gm.
2400 Carton / 20 Pallets – Each Pallet 120 Cartons

For Flames Variety specifications:
Variety: Superior “Red Grapes-Seedless
Color: Black & Red/Seedless & Seeded.
Sizes: 16-19 mm, 15-24mm


5 Kg Carton contains 8-9 plastic bags X 500 Gm.
5.5 kg Carton contains 10 punnet X 500 Gm.

Number of Cartons per Container
5.5 kilo – 3400 cartons per container
Punnets – 2400 cartons per container


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