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Fresh Potatoes for sale

Fresh Potatoes

The potatoes are used for the fresh market as a staple, but also as an ingredient for potato related end products such as fries, salads, crisps and mash.

The main growing areas of consumption potatoes in South Africa are the Northern Cape provinces, where the potatoes for normal cultivation are planted in April. After harvesting the potatoes are safely stored to subsequently be cleaned and packed, a process for which very renowned packing stations are being used.

The potatoes can be delivered throughout the year, but availability is dependent on the quality of the crop year-by-year.

Shipment by refrigerated container (reefer) or conventional (also cooled / refrigerated).


South African Origin The product range includes, among others, the following sizes:
40-60 mm
45+ mm
50-70 mm
50+ mm

Delivered in any packaging, the most common being:
5 kg
10 kg
25 kg
The bags are made of jute, but can also be supplied in poly.


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